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  About Shelby Financial  
  Shelby Escrow is dedicated to providing escrow solutions and risk mitigation through a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to integrity and service to their clients. For over 20 years Shelby Escrow has been securing transactions and providing a protected payment process to allow our clients to work more efficiently and securely. Numerous charter operators and professional travel companies have utilized Shelby's escrow services resulting in the transfer of over one billion dollars in escrow funds. Shelby Escrow is partnered with multiple FDIC insured banks located around the U.S. and works with numerous financial institutions around the world.

Shelby Financial Corporation is licensed, bonded, and insured, and subject to regular independent audits of our books and records. We hold your money in separate FDIC-insured escrow accounts, and we follow strict rules, regulations, and best practices guidelines in the conduct of our business.
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