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  Welcome to the Shelby Escrow Buyer's Tutorial!  
  This tutorial will help you, as the Buyer, understand how our site and services can be used to enhance the security of your purchase transaction.  
  First, before accessing your purchase transaction on this site, you will have already been in communication with your Seller and agreed upon the nature of the item(s) for sale, prices, who will pay for sales tax, and delivery plans. (You, as the Buyer, will be responsible for paying the Escrow fee, unless you make outside arrangements with your Seller.) By now, you should also have exchanged email addresses with your Seller, as the Seller will need to enter your email address when setting up the transaction.  
  You and your Seller will receive email notifications every time the transaction is updated, so that you will both be able to keep a full record of all activity.  
  If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact us at or 610.889.0537 x1954. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help!  
  The following descriptions and screen prints will show you what to expect as you navigate the Escrow process as the Buyer.
  Section 1: Log in, or create an account on Shelby Escrow
  Section 2: View the details of item(s) you plan to purchase, and make the payment
  Section 3: Watch for the arrival of your item(s) then indicate on the site that you have received them
  Section 4: What happens if there is a problem?
Section 1: Log in, or create an account on Shelby Escrow
  1.a At, log in or click on the Create Account link if you have not yet done so.
  1.b Enter information about yourself that we will need in order to process your escrow transactions. All fields marked with an asterisk are required. Then click on the 'Submit' button.
  1.c You will now receive a text or an email with a Verification PIN that you will need in order to complete the registation of your account. (Sorry for the extra step, but it enhances the security of the process and proves that you are not a 'bot'!) Click on the 'Log In with you PIN' button to return to the main login page.
  1.d Now enter your email address and the password you just selected, in order to proceed to the screen where you will enter the Verification PIN.
  1.e Enter your Verification PIN and click on 'Submit', then you're ready to go!

Section 2: View the details of item(s) you plan to purchase, and make the payment
  2.a If your Seller has set up the transaction, you will see it on your Dashboard page when you log into the site. You will need to wait until the Seller has completed this step before you can proceed with the escrow of your payment funds. Once the transaction shows on your Dashboard, you can initially review the details by clicking on the red link 'View Transaction/Item Detail' to the left side of the transaction display, or proceed directly to the next step by clicking on the 'Make Payment' button, which will also show you all the details.
  2.b Carefully review all the information on this screen, and confirm that it matches your expectations for your purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'Acceptance Period' is the number of days specified by the seller that include both the shipping period and the amount of time the seller grants you to look over the items upon receipt to confirm they match your expectations. For example, if the seller expected shipping to take a week, then wanted to give you a week to look over the items, they would have entered 14 days as the Acceptance Period.

If everything is accurate, click on the 'Continue to Payment Screen' button.
  2.c You are now taken to the secure payment screen. Your name and address information will be pre-populated here. You will need to enter your credit card number, card expiration date and the CVV/CVV2 number from the back of your card. When you click on the 'Process' button, the credit card verification service will confirm that your card, name and address information is all valid, then schedule a payment to Shelby's escrow account to hold the payment funds in safe-keeping for you, until you receive and accept your item(s).
  2.d When the credit card verification service confirms your payment information is valid, the message in the Authorization box will indicate success.

You MUST then click on the button at the bottom of this page to return to the Shelby Escrow site, in order to complete the update of the transaction status. (As the button text indicates, this is an important step!)
  2.e An email will now be sent to you and your Seller that the payment has been successful, and the status of the transaction will show that the next step will be for the Seller to ship your item(s).

Section 3: Watch for the arrival of your item(s) then indicate on the site that you have received them
  3.a When you receive your items and have looked them over, return to the website to see the options to either Accept or Reject them.

Assuming your item(s) arrived in good order and according to your expectations, you can now click on the 'Accept Items' button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not indicate either Acceptance or Rejection of your item(s) within the number of days specified in the Acceptance Period discussed in section 2.b, Shelby Financial will assume that you have accepted the item(s), update the status of the transaction from Shipped to Accepted, and prepare to release the funds to the Seller.
  3.b Review the details one more time, add comments if you like, then click on 'Accept Items' to let the Seller (and Shelby Escrow) know that you received your item(s) in good order.

Everything went according to plan!
  3.c Email notifications will be sent out, and the funds that Shelby Financial has held for you in escrow will be released to the Seller within 5 business days.

Section 4: What happens if there is a problem?
  4.a If the item(s) you are purchasing do not arrive in acceptable condition, or do not match your expectations, you may choose to reject the transaction. If this happens, you should log in to the website, locate the transaction on your Dashboard, then click on the 'Reject Items' button.
  4.b You should now arrange for the return shipment, then fill out shipping information and enter the reason that you are returning the item(s). Then click on the 'Reject Items' button.
  4.c Emails will be sent to you and the Seller, and the following information will display. Shelby Financial will return your escrowed funds back to you within 5 business days.
  4.d On the Dashboard, the transaction will now show that that we are waiting for the Seller to acknowledge the receipt of the returned item(s).
  4.e When the Seller has updated the transaction to indicate receipt of the returned item(s), the transaction will now look like this on the Dashboard. The return process is now complete.
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