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  Escrow can be used for any transaction but is primarily used when large amounts of funds are being transferred between parties. This can personal purchases such as a used car, boat, furniture, house, collection of antiques, or memorabilia.

Escrow is extremely useful in business to business transactions, overseas shipping, domain transfers, purchase of a new business, or any transaction that could require more security or risk mitigation. Most clients are familiar with escrow being used to purchase a house or begin a mortgage.

Shelby Escrow allows the same financial security in any transaction that is usually only found when working with a large financial organization. Whether it is a bulk order of goods or buying industrial equipment from a foreign manufacturer, Shelby Escrow is there to monitor, secure, and transfer your funds or goods rendered efficiently.

List of items for which buyers/sellers have used escrow:

Agricultural machinery
Building materials
Buying Bulk from an Overseas Wholesaler
Custom car parts
Factory machinery
Musical Instruments
Recreation vehicles
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