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  Why Escrow  
  Escrow is a legal process that focuses on protecting the interests of both parties involved in a transaction. Historically escrow was primarily used in real estate transactions such as change in ownership or title. Both parties involved would utilize an intermediary known as an escrow agent, who ensures each party is adhering to the agreement.

For example, if one party wishes to buy a house then they will transfer funds to the escrow agent. The selling party will then transfer ownership of the house over to the buying party. Once goods or services have been rendered, the funds held in escrow will be transferred over to the selling party.

These simple steps ensure that each party is fairly represented, all goods and funds are monitored, and risk of a negative transaction is removed. An escrow agent will make sure no goods are transferred until funds are securely tendered within the escrow account. This adds an extra layer of security and reassurance that any online transactions are legitimate.
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